Our story began with an idea

While studying at the University of Oslo, our founder Arash took on a task: Build a tool that helps foreign students learn Norwegian. He decided to build a chatbot, but soon noticed that making one from scratch was time consuming and not very intuitive. The solution was a platform. From it, everyone would be able to make chatbots. We now find ourselves being a leading provider of chatbots and chatbot technology, with plenty of high profile clients already in the loop. Not bad, of course, but our goal is first and foremost to push the envelope of what a chatbot can do and understand. Smart and versatile chatbots, like the ones we are developing right now, are our story of success. And about the future: We’re just as excited as you are!

Intelligence that talks

Cutting edge technology and an easy-to-use interface let anyone make their own chatbots. You don’t need any programming skills; the only limit is your imagination. Adding content and working with others is as easy as using any workflow software – simple and intelligent. That’s why customers are so fond of our platform. They know they no longer need a developer standing over their copywriters. Copies and bot training now go hand in hand. It really is that simple

Get involved

We showed up early to the chatbot field, and we’re taking it head on. Our goal is to be the leaders in chatbots and artificial intelligence. Whether you’re interested in business or job opportunities, we’re looking for open minded, technology driven people who want to take the charge with us. we have reached a point of so much product interest that we need as many talented individuals on our team as possible. Involve yourself now and be a part of the future of artificial intelligence!