About us

We believe that making chatbots is something anyone should be able to do. That's why we’ve employed people with vastly different backgrounds and expertise.

Designers, UX writers, data scientists and business developers work in collaboration with our clients to create the best chatbot platform there is.

Our chatbot platform

Kindly is an effective platform for building chatbots, powered with machine learning and natural language processing technology. It’s easy to use, which means that anyone can become a bot designer.

We'll help you get started

Our UX writers are ready to help you create and build your bot. They are experienced bot builders, able to create a chatbot that actually helps your customers.


Chatbot Therapy

Chatbot Therapy

March 25, 2019Chatbot Therapy
Bjørnar Winnberg4 min read
A new way of answering questions

A new way of answering questions

March 11, 2019A new way of answering questions
Converticles3 min read
Our biggest lessons so far

Our biggest lessons so far

February 25, 2019Our biggest lessons so far
Sandra Oen7 min read
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